Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

How are you responding to challenges?

How is your business responding?


Eye on the Target

Data breach nightmare. Are you a Target shopper? Let’s be straight. Are you a Target addict?

Whether it has been one time or a hundred, odds are you’ve swiped your card at big red. And hopefully you’re not one of the shoppers whose card has been swiped elsewhere, by unknown others, since that purchase.

If you are, you probably don’t care about the current public relations efforts of Target. I get that. Be mad.

But if you’re like me, a thankfully financially-unaffected customer who has been loyal to Target for years, maybe you’re feeling what I’m feeling over here. Sympathy for a corporation (did she just say that?) that has been victim to serious criminal acts. So what is it that invokes my sympathy for companies in a crisis (like Target) when other times I find a slightly twisted joy in the PR nightmares of others (Abercrombie & Fitch)? This one seems a little obvious – I mean, one provides me with colorful commercials and affordable fashion too frequently, and the other is mean to overweight kids. But let’s look a little deeper.

Here are three reasons I love the way Target is handling their data breach crisis:

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2014 Trends for Public Relations, Marketing, & Social Media

New year, new trends — new ways to most effectively reach your customer base. Here’s a breakdown:

People are losing attention. There’s just too much to pay attention to. Images and videos are resonating more and more with the info-overloaded consumer. Businesses need to know their audiences on a new level to effectively get their messages out in a visual, shareable way.

Go mobile. A repeat trend from last year, but it’s even more trendy now. Habits are moving away from desktops and into fingertips. Business platforms and campaigns have to be adaptable to customers on the go.

Predict the future. Simple analytics are necessary, but not enough. Once you have your data, what do you do with it? Predictive modeling tools will gain traction in 2014 as business learn to “analyze historical and current information to make predictions.”

In summary: “The new year will be about effectively understanding, then reaching, your customers. And, reaching them where they are, not where you want them to be, with information in a format they want. And, providing them with the best customer service on all communication channels.”